Monday, July 12, 2010


well, today was the second week of class tutorial been started.
Today , Puan Has just gave us the assingment of ETR (Enterprenuer) subject.
Woo, talk about ETR, actually I got no idea about it. ;/ hmm..

So that my group members, Shazwani (baby), Hidayah (dayah), Ina Hafiza (Amoy) and off-course me.

We've chosen Dato' Tony Fernandez , the Enterprenuer for our assgnment.

 Dato' Tony Fernandez,
the CEO of Air Asia.

As we in tourism course, i think he'd be the best selected enterprenuer for us to discuss.
More, i've fall in love into airlines industry.
so adelah kena-mengena kan? :D

btw,Puan Has, our lecturer want a presenter.
mestilah kan.
untuk hurai-hurai the info.
So, kakak Shaz, selaku ketua.
who will be a presenter? :))

Next, the second assignment for this semester.
Haa. ini subjek Tour & Travel Mgt pulak, dgn Miss Nur Azlenee Mohamad.
det sit!
my beloved miss.
Miss Linie.

As long as she teach us T2 (Tour & Travel Mgt), dah ada assgnment lor.
But, miss nie mmg happy-go-lucky lah!
gile-gile pye lecturer.
muke je nampak cmtu kan.
tp best woo!
naik gile bile ng dy.
happening lah.
and she did help us a lot in study.

Baiklah, back to our topic oke!
g mana nie? Assgnment kali nie nampak cam abit hard lah.
include bus plan.
mne penah study tu semua b4 this kan.
My group members :



and me .

Setakat ni lah dulu ye..
cos assgnment pun baru dapat tdy.
so tak decide lagi position masing-masing.
ngeh3.. :)


  1. bgos la assgmnt nih...
    ade melayu cina india...