Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Just biding my time


Eeeee...tak suka bila keadaan mcmni ..Ntah kenapa semenjak 2 menjak rasa suram sgt. What I feel won't be understand by anyone surrounds me now. I got no place to express my feelings. The sadness, the happiness.
Happiness that is owned by me was nothing at all now. I just biding my time. I should left all of it. What kind of feeling like this huh?? Today got quiz, and I really not ready to answer the quiz. Hurm,mesti markah tah pahpe. :( . Tak suka! Tak suka! Penat dr homestay tak hilang lgi, then lastnight class Law, got presentation. Balik lambat, hujan, basah dalam hujan, balik rumah tak sempat langsung to open my book for quiz today. Just revise cket2 je. Mana cukup. 

About what I feel, tak tau lah . Maybe ini ujian dr Yang Maha Esa. I terima seadanya. Jika itu yg tertulis. And I don't know, I keep thinking about 'death'. Maybe it sounds really weird or the topic here was so merepek. But, that thing is what is on my mind about the last few days. I am muslim, but only 80% practicing it. I don't wear hijjab, and my amalan was not enough. And admit did sins. I am thingking, how am I gonna through the alam barzakh. Because, every human being will go through all this kan..and I'm wondering.. But, life must go on. Maybe ada hikmahnya, hopefully. But I really need some space to soothe my mind and my spiritual.. Need someone to support me. VERY thankful I got so lovely Mom, wonderful and cheerful friends..Thanks alot.



  1. "I am muslim, but only 80% practicing it. I don't wear hijjab" <<--- sounds really familiar..

    Anyway, chill OK. Take care & breathe!!!

  2. :) sis, copy and paste from yours laa..
    heehee, jgn marah. bcause the words really match..