Thursday, December 23, 2010

hair cut

I like her hair colour..
looks so gorgeous, kann!
The way she let her hair down.
tak payah sikat rambut pn looks gorgeous kan..^_^
bcoz i love originality.
"A round face looks really good with an uneven cut, meaning a mix of lengths," 
says hairstylist and Los Angeles salon owner Chris McMillan.
I really like the haircut style..
but im a bit lasak to take this one..
those days i did this style, but,
it'll make me always always need a comb.
sss....but so sweet kan :)

If i pick this one? it okay?
Ok just imagine my hair colour with this style of haircut.
Ok tak? :)

nice kan!
very natural look..
style! gojezz! 

oke ke?
mcm biase, but still got looks kan! :)

yes, i adore Jolie's lips..
but her hair looks great too..
and sexy ..

this one looks like natural..
serabai pn ade..hehe
but i like it cos for me it looks SEXY. ^_^
p/s : sila comment, coz i really need your opinion guys... thank you :)


  1. Bagi ak..ang cntik gn rmbut ori ang 2..2 dri mta ak..ang dh cntik..klu ang nk buat p'baharuan..just potong aje..jgn kaler rmbut..k..hihi

  2. thanx Akma...
    mmg kalo boleh nak biar natural color je..
    tp nak tgk mana yg sesuai..

  3. ori??
    tp nak potong la..
    wanna get new look utk tahun depan.
    new life new hair new look la babe :)