Saturday, March 12, 2011

Story Book

OK who loves story tales here raise up your hand!!
(me! me! me!) 
It was when I was a little kid.
I love "Lipstick story" and "HighHeel story" from my mom before I get sleep :)

Few days ago, a salesgirl came into my office.
I thought she wanted to ask about flight fare,
but she came just to sale the STORY BOOK actually!

It was a fairytales story book.
story like Beauty & The Beast, Thumbelina..etc.

It's worth to spent RM19.90 for the book.
So i just grab it for my nephews & nieces. Alif, Shasha, Nana & Azmin. It's for you all~

Ok bebeh, aunty bought it for you all! share2 okay..

Book is definitely i would say Yes! to buy, plus they were all enjoy reading! (especially Shasha, wo like to paw me to buy any books for her, but takpeeee Shasha :) )
Bagus tanam amalan membaca ni kt budak2. (ececehhh...)

Me also do enjoy read this book. Best....


  1. i love reading storybooks too..

    may i..??

  2. OMG!!! Bedtime mom used to tell me bedtime stories as well..

  3. Faa, eh off course lah you can, dear...

    Kak Sha, really enjoy listening to the bedtime story right..