Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tomyam recipe

Hello everyone.
It's Tomyam oke, NOT Kucing keladi :D (Tom & Jerry la plak *ttbe)
oh, for outsider, Tomyam is a Thais food, with soup and seafood.

Oke, since today...I got mood to cook, and suddenly feel want to eat tomyam,
so I decided to make it by my self .

ya..ya..ya.. it's my really first time make tomyam.

and special thanks to my best friend, Faa who give me the recipe & the guideline on how to make it :)) hee

Lets cekitdawt my first try.
kamon bebeh..! hehe

you may need these ingredients,
tomyam cube (compulsory, a must! )

well actually it depends on you to put whatever you want, and it is optional . U can add some more squid or else, mushroom..anything as long as it will taste great! hehe

How to make it?


boil prawns & chicken with water

Meanwhile, slice the onion and carrot. Just hit the lemon grass and garlic.

be careful of the knife..
Then,  after all, put the ingredients into the boiling water. 
Put some...
2-3 tomyam cubes
salt ( depends laa )
1 sp chili sauce,
1 sp tomato sauce,
2 sp condensed milk (for more creamy taste)
1/2 sugar

Then just let all the ingredients mixed and boiled up.
Stir it nicely.
wait 5 minutes.

then, THaa Daaaa....

present my first ever try tomyam recipe! :)

Well, I dont want to mention about the taste. If I mention it yummy, you all will never believe me..So I better  mention it as OK. hehe Fair enough, right! :p
wanna have try, see me yah! I'll cook it for you heee :))

Okay, so I complete this recipe with omelette
This is just really simple one!

I mixed it with 1/2 spoon of mayonees then stir with the egg for the creamy taste. Buttercup for attractive aroma.

ready to eat! 

Goodluck everyone! :)

p/s :  still in learning process to try lots more recipes!