Monday, October 17, 2011

Have you ever taste Macarons?

Hye there..sorry lehh cos I never taste or give a try for macarons!  ( Oo EMm Gee!!)
Ya! it's true la..never taste maa..huhu so sad right.

But after read Kak Shasha's post, [ Lost Charmed Angel ] I suddenly really want to eat macarons! kak Shasha punye pasell lah nie..hehehe

waaa...looks so yummy isn't it !
Ok oke so it was really helpful when Kak Sha give the link where to find the macarons for the reasonable price and sedap! hehe so go to Jaja Bakery for more info k... 


  1. sdap nye... warna pn cntik.. tengs komen kt blog kte.. spa tu kt penang.. 150 je.. :)

  2. thanz syu..cek mmg suka p Penang! hehe

  3. dah rasa ke macarons??? hehehe...thanks for the link :-)