Sunday, March 7, 2010

Travel & Shopping!

First of all, I'd like to say HELLO to you as this is my first post since i just create my new blog. :).
Actually, like the title said, Travel & Shopping is the most I love to do! HAHA. since I'm taking Tourism it's influence my attitude toO. :).


Okay, so far..I've been travel just domestic, and I'd like to travel all around Malaysia first . Then taking a step to travel overseas. First destination was OZ! haha. Why OZ? Cos I'd like to learn more about their culture and the interesting places .off course wanna have fun at Sydney! Gold Coast! Perth! Hopefully that my dream will come true kan? ... :)

Emm, more! I wanna fulfill my late-daddy's dream... He wanted to go to UK one day. But he died b4 he got the chance to go there! So, I'll fulfill his dream..

Btw, my dream places for honey-moon with my beloved person is Paris or Venice, Italy. A very romantic scenery and it's wholesome! Really wana go there lah! ^.^


I'm crazy of dresses, clothes, shoes and handbags! OMG!!
So far..i had only one handbag from MNG that from my own salary. I feel so satisfied and it's worth! :) .. and I'd like to have much more for fun and as a collection! Hehe. But from my own money and maybe for the next brand :)
Others..don't have to mentioned it k! Couse I won't stop talking about it.

For the dresses, I love the floral2 design and also the feminine look and wild but sweet~! :)
And my eyes won't stop watching and seeking for the cute and eye-catching little dresses. Plus, i love the attractive colors . about colors, come if you wana argue with me! hehe :D

Besides, all the cute accessories ! I'll catch & grab it!

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