Saturday, July 24, 2010


Niway, the title above is about the song title, Cinta Terakhir,by Aiman.
But, instead of that song, I am not saje-saje to post this thing. 
Someone ask me to listen to this song....and yes, I've listen it carefully.

This time i feel really-really ZERO. NOTHING. 
Why should you do this to me?
Just leave me if you don't want me anymore.

What do you feel when listen to this song carefully?
I admit, my tears dropped down when I listen to this song.
Cause it's relate to my love-story.
And the sadness is surround me.

If he really want me, he will sure can do anything the best for me, right?
And won't just givin up before lose.
Now what am I supposed to do.

I feel stressed now, and feel nothing.

                                                    <3    <3    <3

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