Sunday, July 4, 2010

LOVE's already 4.07am in the morning . I can't sleep. facebooking,blogging haha.
But, anyway, I missed someone so badly.

He is Ejay. And one I like about him was his unique hair :)
Just look at him! haha cute.*for me oke.

I like when you treat me nicely and treat me like a princess.
It was so sweet~! >.<
when can I get back my happy time like this? 

Both at Pulau Mutiara :)

   I missed you, and I LOVE U so much! <3

Eventhough pple say that HE is more fair than me, and I'M blacky than him, 
but I don't mind..
Cos I know him.
as long as you know me and understand me better.

I love when you say,
Baby I love you ,
and I will love you as long as you want me too 
while deep looking into my eyes.

i want to stay happy living with you ,dear.


  1. kuatkn semngt u nok...
    it just distance...

    u can do it...
    few months je nok..
    so be strong...
    we'll always be with u...:D

  2. :) thanks..
    I'm lucky have u guys.
    Ceria jgk hidup ble ade korg time2 duka lara.
    haha! ayat.
    btw, honestly u guys are the best!
    *Faa,dayah,Nok,Amoy,Baby,Mek Sya,Adek and many more.ramai sgt :))

  3. thnx Yana :)
    but things not seems like you know.
    It's hard..