Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Round-round Alor Star

Millomoca Danique

Nadia Aqeela Bt. Abdul Hamid
cantek kan dy ?
used to call her Nad in class.
but me myself used to call her Nok.
It's kinda weird kan?
But she also used to call me Nok.
saje2 menggedikkan diri.
muahaha :)

Kaki Shopping!

We both were just like a twin, sharing the something that we LOVED to do.
shopping.Det sit! haha.

just look at we both.
Both are candid pics that captured by Faa.*thnx kakak Faa.
at Padang Besar, Perlis :)
Here, in Penang.
Buy some junk-fruit.
asam-asam gitu lah.
baru turun bus, dah nak beli mcm2
That was just a little.
K...k..back to da basic. actually, we were not so close at the first time.
We both just a classmate since in sem1.
Now on, we were in sem4. 
And we get close since we followed Faa's trip to Penang & Perlis.
So from that, we together started to get closed and lepak-ing together gather :)
And now, she is one of my BFF!

at Gua Kelam, Perlis.
should go. 
Best lah jgk :)!
can see the real cave stone and u can touch it.
kt bwh tu ade mcm anak sungai.

4th July 2010-SUNDAY - lepak-ing!

Today was the first day our class for sem 5 get started.
so, off-course no tutorial at all!
what to do?

haha. lepak-ing lah!
Actually, me and Nad has a plan. that we'll go to the gym nearby stadium to check the info.
cos we both wana work-out ourself at gym! HAHA.

So, jalan2 around pekan Alor Star. We went to so many places :

outside the gym.

 Al-Ikhsan .
seeking for sport shoes and tight :)
Pose infront of worldcup poster.Ballack! ;P

lunch, McD.

but b4 that, we went to shopping!
Nad spent money the most oke. :)
boleh kata for all shop kat situ kami serbu.
Shoes, especially dresses! OMG!
jd gila sebentar ;)!

 Then only kami rasa bosan and rasa nak play bowlink!
Jum lawan...
Tp aku telah tumpas di tgn Nad .
wat malu je. ngeh3..:P


our first set score.
welldone nok! ;)

al-sengall langsat! 
 I had a lot of joy!

Nadia Aqeela aka Millomoca Danique

Siti Aishah Sakinah aka Hanea Rhine

Whitey & Blacky


Me in white, she in black.
It's not all about the skin type oke!
It's about what we wore coincidently.haha.
My helmet is white, while her is black.
and our jacket toO :)
But i love it! 

Well, i love her.
and I think that we both have the chemistry.
eventhough our taste is not so right! haha.
you suka lain, i like the other one.
but long as I'm glad that we both are goodfriends! :) 


  1. eh? I've never been to Padang Besar but, I may be going there...tak tau yet bila. Tapi I definitely wanna go to Kedah, nak borong kuih karas!

  2. wah sis, u minat kuih karas meh??
    kt Pekan Rabu tu byk kut jual kuih2.

    haha Fyi, i really love to shopping. but sometimes telan air liur je when got no money.haha.

    Haa, if u wana go to Padang Besar, don't go when it's SUNDAY. My friend said, mahal on that day cos lot of pple. If u go on Saturday, maybe cheaper :))

  3. ade gambo pinjam tue...kene mintak subsidi neh..

  4. haha ala kakak faa!
    FINJAM sudaeyh..haha