Thursday, August 19, 2010


i MISSED HIM damn much!!

All i want to share here is just the songs that story our story.
haha ( what am i saying?) o.O~
but, truly, all these songs have it's own memories and meaning to me.
I meant it.

Rivers of Babylon -Boney M 
:) this is the song  he liked since we met at Alor Star.
at Kedai 14, a restaurant nearby Shahab Perdana Bus Station, 
where we usually hang out with other friends, having dinner.
And to play this song, a 50cent as token was needed.
Cute, cause this song is classic! and he loved it. ^-^
but pretty funny that time.

Fall For You - Secondhand Serenade
- Listen to this song, reminds me back of our life when we
starting to know each other and the time he fall into me.
and its reminds me too, that how he cares about me.
He sent me milk,and buns at about 3.00am.
Cause I'm having bad gastric that time.
and Sheera told he about me.
Thank you..

Last Kiss -Pearl Jam
- I don't know this song before.
yeah, oldies song again.
But, since i listen to this song, 
I know something special inside 

Sampaikanlah Salam -Alleycats
 - His friends in Kedah used to called him 'abang afro'.
hehe, it's bcos of his curly hair and his hair just like Alleycats!
Listen to this song will reminds me to him.
Nana, one of our friends like to usik him..
singing,"..Sampaikanlah salam cintaku
pada Eychah....terima kaseyh!!.."
haha, sometimes makes me laugh.

You Are My Sunshine -Anne Murray
- He was the first who was introduced me to this cute 
song. He loves this song, and his mom too. :)
Sweet and really cute song..
    " ..You are my sunshine
      My only sunshine
      You make me happy 
      when skies are gray
      You never know, dear
       how much I love you.
      Please don't take my sunshine away...
     The other night,dear 
      when I lay sleeping 
     I dreamed I held you in my arms
     When I awoke dear, 
     I was mistaken
     So I hung my head and cried...."

Istimewa -Indigo
-He gave me a disc, contained movie maker 
which he did special for me.
It's like he want me to know his feelings 
towards me that time.
or else. purpose! *=.=
What a very sweet moment!
I love it so much..
"....Nyata kau satu dalam berjuta wahai wanita 
Kau istimewa..
Walau ku kembara sedunia, Walau ketemu ramai wanita
Nyata kau tiada tandingannya
Seikhlas hati aku menyinta..
Kau istimewa, teristimewa..
Daku berikan wahai maharaniku
Bina mahligai syahdu hanya engkau dan aku disitu....
...Siang dan malam buatku terbayangm
Kau istimewa...wahai jelita.."

Without You and My All -Mariah Carey
-"This song make me wanna cry, every time i missed you, i will listen to this
song. Oh, the lyric and the melody was so touched.
I gave you a movie maker and it's came up with this song."

"....I'm thinking of you 
In my sleepless solitude tonight
If it's wrong to love you
Then my heart just don't let me be right
Cause I'm drowned in you,and I won't pull 
through, without you by my side..
I give MY ALL...."

 When You Say Nothin' 
At All -Ronan Keating
- This time, he made a special movie maker for me.
I still remember his words.
    "   I will be with you as long as you want me too  "
                  " I Love you so much Sayang  "
And yes, I'm still hopping for that words until now.

Wonderful Tonight -Eric Clapton
-He ask me listen to this song.
The song was so nice...
Yes, he and me like the oldies song :)

My Boo - Alicia Keys ft Usher
- "Cause I know, you were my boo^ "
 At Secret Recipe, at Avenue K,
we met and ate pieces of cake.
This song is on the air, and 
he sang the song.
He looked soo sweet  ^,^
" If you still remember..."

Nothing's Gonna Change 
My Love For You -George Benson
- "..Hold me now, Touch me now,
I don't wanna live without you...
Nothing's gonna change my love for you..
You wanna know by now how much
I Love You....."

You and I Both -Jason Mraz
-"Yes, it is about you and me both.
I love you, but did you?"
This song reminds me, when I changed my phone 
with him.
He set his caller tone to this song.
I joined sport tournament (SUPTEM)
at KPTM Bangi that time,
and that will be the best memory of me.

Hard To Say I'm Sorry -Az Yet
-...Hold me now, It's hard for me to say I'm sorry..
I just want you to stay...
And after all that you've been through
I will make it up to you...
I promise you baby...
...You're just a part of me
I can't let go..

Ku Cari Damai DiHati -Gingerbread
-He asked me to listen to this song, and every song that
he asked me to listen got it's own meaning.
It's a conflict.
"....Sesalan tidak terucap bila kau berubah sikap,
Ku sedar siapa diriku...."

Bila Cinta Ini -Gio 
(OST Lagenda Budak Setan)
-I sent him a movie maker again, but this time
for sorry and thank you.
Instead, I gave him back his tee and boxer.
Which I used to wear it.
Don't get me wrong okay.
I wore my pillow with his tee,
while I used to wore his boxer when at home.
Whenever I missed him, cause I was far from him,
I just hug my pillow , and I know he is just by my side.
Sad, but I've gave the stuff back to him.
And the song, was suit for our break-up. :(

Gerimis Mengundang - Slam
-About two weeks ago, he did 
asked me to listen carefully to this song.
" Ku sangkakan panas berpanjangan rupanya 
gerimis mengundang..
Dalam tak sedar ku kebasahan.
Pernah juga kau pinta perpisahan, 
Aku sangkakan itu hanyalah gurauan, 
Nyata kau serius dalam senyuman..
Bukan sekejap denganmu,
Bukan mainan hasratku.
Engkau pun tahu niatku tulus dan suci...."

So I gave a hint.
The lyric was really deep and I realized,
I am no body to him. 
And  I made quite lot of mistake.
If I could have my second chance, I'll be thankful.
But he won't give me the chance. :'(
Why can't he give the the second chance,
as I gave him so many chances before??hmm

I have to be strOng to go through all this.
If  I do want him eventhough, do he remember his word?

Tq .

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