Saturday, August 14, 2010


----Journey from Alor Star----

Mek Sya sent me to the KTMAS.
here the shots!


it's 7.12pm!
my train was at 8.00pm.
Thanks Mek..for
your time sent me there.

waiting the train to coming

huh! bored!

Train is coming.....!! :)


facebooking .:P
huhu, sahur at KL Central.
alone :(

 Day 1

First day break-fasting with my mom .
She cooked Sour Chicken, Pickle Cucumber,
and dry salted fish (i bought from Akma).



Day 2

was in KL Central, waiting for sis Shasha.
Im going to visit Heiman, Ejay's younger brother
at Selayang Hospital.
just look at the mural art .
the creativity just catched my eyes
cute, haa .:)
Pray that little Heiman will get well soon and 
discharged from dengue illness.
Really sad look at his condition.
God bless him.

well, it was a wonderful experience.
my first time break-fast in the wad.
and im happy to break the fast together with 
Aunty Nonis and sis Shasha also Heiman:)

then went back, it's heavy raining.
little flood there.
Thnx sis  for the ride ! ;)

at home, mummy cooked for me 
Red-sauce Crab!
really yummy.... 
and i love it!


Day 3

Today, breakfasting with....

Sup Tulang
mummy made it.

and  Ribena Bandung!
but i replace it with dutch lady milk.
mmm...not bad :)

Thanks to Mummy! 
your cooking  just very damn nice!!!


  1. ikn kering ak...wahhhhh....sedapnya....=)

  2. ;)
    opekos lah Akma!
    sedap tau..!
    nnti bawak lagi k.