Wednesday, August 11, 2010

He could be the one

He Could Be The One , a song, by Miley Cyrus.
He got somethin' special 3x..
He could be the one...3x..

today 11/08/2010
the first day Ramadhan.
happy fasting .

Yesterday, i took train from Alor Star- KL Central.
at 8.00pm-5.30am.
Within the hours im inside the train, there's so many things came out from my head.

I realized, I really need you.
to be at my side, to support, to protect me, 
to be my hero and to always be with me no matter what.
 But you're not there.
I have to face this, even it's my own decision.
and it's really3 hard!
Feel so touched when you're not there..

I sahur at KL Central..
just with milk and Jacob's biscuit and a bite of Cadburry.

If you could listen to my heart,

I missed you...
I missed you...
I missed you...
 I want you...


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