Saturday, August 7, 2010

picture taken by tonight :) 

Tonight, i feel little happy..
He did ask me , means he still care bout me.
That makes me happy even just a bit.
and smile.

Ramadhan will be coming just so soon.
So, I'll be back on this Tuesday evening,
and as usual, by train from Alor Star-KLCentral.

Yes, thank you for asking..

Him: Where would you be for the first day fasting?
Me  : Kajang.
Him: When are you going back here?
Me  : Next week.
Him: When are you going back to Kedah?
Me  : The same week.
Him: Would you break-fasting with me?
Me  : Oh..thank you for asking. Ask your family to joint..
Him: No,no. Just the two of us.
Me: Why?
Him: Saje-saje.. I pay for you :)
Me  : InsyaAllah...
Him:Oke, a day before you going back to Kedah.

I don't know if i should meet him.
i know you really want to see me real-ly.
maybe i should, yeah, I admit that I miss you too..

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