Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Today I'm still hopping for the new hope.
Hope life will be more brighter..
and happiness will be mine.

Tonight, I picked up his call, 
after lots of miscalls..msges..that never be replied.
Then, I want to answer his call.

Once I picked-up the call, 
first of all I really want to say 
to you, even its hard for me to say in a proper way.

I wish you will be happy there,
and maybe find a new person better .
But, the most important is, I am glad cause you still
have the interest in further study.
and I want you to be succeed in your study .
That can make me smile happily even deep inside my heart...

For some other reason for this break-up,
nobody will win.
And I am not leaving you cause I got someone else,
I don't have any one!
It's just your
thought about me.

I maybe take much time to forgive & forget.
And throw away all the memories.
Dunno how to express my feeling right now.
I'm soOO hunger.
Hunger of LOVE.

I wish i could say these for the last time.
" I won't regret the moment I had with you.."

" I never ever hate you "
" nobody will treat me like you did, but your mistake makes me think twice 
that if you are the one who can taking care of me
and I would like to say 


May Allah always bless you ..DEAR..



  1. even ak xtaw cite sbnar tp ak juz nk bgtaw..
    one word...SABAR