Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's over

The end of love.
ya..with my boyfie.
28.07.10 , was a very sad day for me.
maybe him.
But, there's nothing we can do.
And accept the fact, as I had a struggling
to hold on this relationship.
Until today, we have been dating for
starting from 06.06.09,which is our first date.

The sadness can't be explain by the words..

........maybe this picture can.
Is that the way we appreciate LOVE?

Trying being single right now.
It's hard to forget someone that we love.


  1. dear. its dat true? end of love? why? damn it . sayang giler. adehh la

  2. ya..
    betul la kin.
    mmg la sayang, but will it reflects with the love we give?
    sometimes no.

  3. nape x citer kat kitaowank?? kalo ak xon9 mmg ak xtaw...camnie laa kawan..... :c