Friday, September 3, 2010

Ku inginkn mu!

haha. oke.oke.
now, this is really menggugat keimanan ku!
Oh ..saya maybe lambat sikit about bag nie.
Cos one of my friend dah ada pun handbag seperti ini.
But, it really2 make my heart melt lah!
Ahh, I dont care, org nak kata lambat or lapuk ke.
bcos i believe! FASHION IS A RECYCLE.
nnti akan naik fashion yg sama jgk.


oke, I already got sebijik like this one. from Loewe.

see more..

oh my bluwie

oh my pinkie

oh my whitey

blue ni pn not bad

yellow? OK je! like..

OH!! why you look so gorgeous?!


oh, merahnye kamu!
saya mmg sgt tertarik.
But, taknak sama dgn my friend.
dy sudah ada.


nice kan! very eye-catching.


black is not bad. 

GRRR *geram

It's all about the
classic Chanel flap bag.
I wanted to get one of it, for use, instead collection!


  1. try getting them in Singapore, or better still Dubai! Price differ banyakkkk!

  2. huwaaaa.....sis, i got no chance to go there.
    there's so many barriers.. :(