Thursday, October 28, 2010


finally! I got practical training place..
so thankful and greatful.
After so many travel agencies I tried to contct, 
and with the help from my lecturer, Miss Linie..
I got a place for my prctical.

I was so happy when person from Erwin Travel & Tours called me and said that I was accepted to do a practical job in their company.
Syukur! Thanks God.

Erwin Travel & Tours , Kajang. So, it would be easier for me to go to work as I stay in Kajang area.
And, my prayer that I can do my best for the last sem for Diploma in Tourism Management.
InsyaAllah.. :)

To aunty Nonis, thank you very very much for your effort too help in searching for my practical training place.
I appreciate it so much . Hope you get well very soon from flu.oke. :)

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