Monday, October 25, 2010

Now listen to me baby.

Haha. The pic below is not asking for the kiss oke! :P
Its happen when I'm getting so bored and stress.. 

in my room, at my rumah sewa at Alor Star.
After had some revision for Cross Culture subject, after tired of thinking about my life 
and after hold my feeling of something.
huh! it's tough than I thought.

In this 2 days, Im preoccupied to listen to Taio Cruz song, Break Your Heart.
Yes! and its heaven when listen it loudly by earphone! ;P
and repeated it many times! :P

 Now listen to me baby
Before I love and leave ya
They call me heart breaker
I don't wanna deceive ya..

If you fall for me
I'm not easy to please
Imma tear you apart
Told you from the start
Baby from the start

Im only gonna break break ya break break ya heart... x4


I found that by listening this song, realease my tension abit.
with the upcoming final exam, just in 2 days more.
Yesterday, I was so stressed with my life. He suddenly missed in action.
huh!! erm..Im happy to see my friends, like Mek Sya, who gonna married soon with her fiance,Amri who work in Japan. Nadia, who happy with her 'prince charming' who study in OZ . Akma, with her boyfie, Afiq who  study US..but they were stay connected..even in the very long distance. They don't think distance being a barrier for their LOVE. Such a lucky person they are! I'm happy cos they're happy. But I am not happy with myself. With my love story. It goes really awry. I dunno wat to say.No need for me to explain more n more here. Sometimes, I'm thinking when can someone treat me kindly and make me feel beloved by him. my god! can it be real ?? hurmmm...

Dear God, bless me and protect me from anything bad..
Focus me into study and my final exam..


  1. u know how suffer i used to be..n when i see him its totally makes me think twice...thinking of is he the one for me??? n im stuck!!! i think so do he...i used to ask him bout his feeling on me..n he got no answer for that...for the 2nd time we go out...i just know if he is mine, no matter how far he'll be mine...n he going to indon soon for working...may Allah bless no more hoping for him to love me...but hope he will do the best in his life and remmebering me as one of his best friend that he ever had...

  2. wish you luck and find your soulmate nok..

    Kak Shasha, thanks.. wish the best of luck to me :)

  3. wah..bilik kita..hihihi..nm ak pun ada..afiq pun ada jgk..hiihihi
    jgn risau dear stiap bnda yg b'laku dlm hidup kita pasti ada blsn n hikmah yg baik nnt..mgkin skrg dia day, mn tau ang lagi bahagia dri ak..igt Allah sntiasa m'beri yg t'baik utk umat Nya...(^__^)