Wednesday, December 1, 2010

practical training

today, was my FIRST FIRST time for practical training. 
At Erwin Travel & Tours. It was oke, and i learnt alot about flight reservation, booking and ticketing.
Tak rugi beajar Fares & Ticketing dulu masa dekat kolej..hehehe and tak rugi segala usaha and penat lelah mengingat code2..berbaloi-baloi... :D
mungkin the first day , terasa sikit penatnya.
and nak tidur dah ni..*awal gila, baru kul 10pm.
Slalunye, pkul 3,4pgy baru mata rasa ngntuk.
Ok lah, hope i can be myself and learn quickly for the next next days!
chaiyok! :D goodnight.


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