Thursday, December 2, 2010

2nd Day

It's today, my SECOND day for practical training.
waaa...quite good today, I sold almost MYR3,000 flight tickets today! comm jgk ye!:D
and edit the daily sales..key in datas..
atleast, I got new experience and know what to do.

By next week, my boss ask to refresh the ABACUS.
It's an airline system..for booking and reservation .
Oh, i got to recall what i have learnt in CRS ( Computer Reservation System).

To be honest, YES! the subject was quite tough..!
and I got A- in final for that subject.
*bukan nak membangga oke
Have to remember all the codes..entry...bla bla..
LAW also included you know! and 
it is all compressed together in 1 semester.haha
Now who said tourism course is EASY ???
try take it before you answer me :)

Oke, back to the topic..
I was happy and thankful because I got my own job, 
and not just doin nothing.
I got very caring and sharing colleagues.

Mr.Ikram and Miss Fyqa. :)
and my h&w boss, Kak Mimie & Abg Razei .


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