Thursday, December 9, 2010

Space Tourism

haa..haa...this time my blog entry is abit different, im gonna share about the SPACE TOURISM , in Malaysia. This morning, I listened to the conversation about the space tourism in MHI , the Malaysia Hari Ini tv show.. quite attract to the topic. Because it relates to tourism! So off course i do want to know about it!
haha, so in the future, maybe the next 5 or 6 years, people can go for holiday to space. The fees to go there is 1% of the fees to sent our first astronaut (Dato' Syeikh Muzaffar) up there! So just imagine, now, we have Malaysian people who struggle to develop this kind of tourism. So why not, Malaysia will break a record, to be the first country who develop the space tourism for world wide. Plus, our economy nowadays are depends on tourism industry, you know.. oke i just sharing the info here oke.. :) So, we will up-to-date with the current issue. go go Malaysia! hehehe :D

 ------> mesti best kan! kalo impian ni direalisasikan...hehe

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